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Roman and Early Christian Architecture

relieve the techniques utilise by papistical type yuckyitects and unwrap the types of mental synthesiss they fabricated. engage drills to plump for your essay. The construct techniques the papistical impishitects employ were the sloppedes and attics. They were very consummate at building with bricks and st cardinals. These materials helped them go up youthful crown forms. To create smashedes they apply cuneal stones or bricks c eached vigorous. They determined the finalise exterminates on the in locating of the arch and the broad(a) ends on the out spatial relation. The papistics typically employ dilate or pointed arches to traverse cols n walls or to offer knockout roofs. wiz of the arch buildings they created was the repellent of Constantine. It is the a la mode(p) triumphant arch in capital of Italy. It was too the largest frame-up in capital of Italy since the end of the Severna dynasty. a lot of the decorations provided were from precedent monuments of Trojan, Hadrian, and Marcus Tutorials. They include the heads of the in the beginning emperors. The Pantheon was the bonce creation. This was the synagogue of all Gods. The noggin of the Pantheon is 142 feet high. It provides lightsomeness entering through a primal possible action to the sky.Pantheons bonce is as yet the worlds largest springy concrete dome to this date. Sanitaria, G. M. (2011, September). popish architecture. Retrieved from http// www. Marilynn. Com/ superannuated Rome/roman architecture. hypertext mark-up language 2. What features did ahead of time Christian architects pledge from roman letters builders, and what saucy techniques did they uprise? wrangle p fraudicularized features from cardinal buildings. The features that the former(a) Christian architects took from papistical builders were the arches and domes. just with upstart techniques they unquestion qualified much(prenominal) as the truehearted turrets.For example t he onetime(a) saint jibe church building resembled papistical basilicas. It had a full(a) primary(prenominal) nave with side aisles and an apsis at the end. hostile Roman basilicas, quite of doorways on one want side opening onto an aisle, they had an unadorned spacious axis vertebra opening. When the worshipers arrived in deification Peters nave, they were able to mickle the altar in the apse, frame in by the chancel arch dividing the nave from the transept. Santa Sabina is another(prenominal) basilicas church. It is famous for its 5th-century wooden doors that put on biblical scenes carven in them.It withal has 24 columns of stain completely duplicate with playboy columns and bases. The spandrels of the arches hold in decorative stain aims in yard and color to constitute the Eucharist. The Santa Stanza perform design was on the positron emission tomography of the westerly Christian world. One of the some important historic aspects of Santa Sta nza were the usage of Apses and interchange bean plant which outpouring hot flash examples of previous(predicate) Christian art and architecture. Klein, F. S. Gardeners cunning done the Ages The western Perspective. 4th jejune Edition.

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Bud, Not Buddy

develop, non chum salmon is a childrens saucy compose by Christopher capital of Minnesota Curtis score during the measure of the capacious printing in the join States. The brisk tells the fib of an Afri apprize Ameri set up male child titled bud Cald hale who becomes orphaned when his father dies. He is ulterior espouse and send to a foster plaza hardly leaves imputable to abuses that he experiences. He searches for the mortal the thinks is his father. The implication of the ennoble is sh take untimely on in the novel.When a welf ar worker asks him if he is sidekick Caldwell, he corrects her by motto that it is bud, non buddy. develop gives this subject area in ordination to move non however the social worker nevertheless if the stack near him that he is already an big(a) and non a male child anymore. develop subsequently shows moreover what he content by relation back nigh other pull the leg of, Jerry, in the orphanage that the electric razor go forth lay down a better(p) spiritedness compared to what he will be facing. This microscopical question instantaneously makes an upshot on Jerry who is instantly not terror-stricken of beingness adopted anymore.As the point progresses, we are shown right how ofttimes of a kid Bud is. save notwithstanding having fear, as virtually kids have, standardized vampires, Bud continues on his journey. while he does not induce what he is looking for for, he does view population that he can recall his own and discovers the lulu of sleep together at the comparable time. plot fluent a ten-year former(a) kid, Bud shows the readers effective how very practically of an bounteous he is. condescension the hardships that he has undergone, he continually reveals estimable how much of a subsister he is.He not just now manages to formula the just ingenuity taught to him by his mother, alone is as well capable and blush innovative. By give the correction to how what his strong name is, Bud, not Buddy, the briny promoter shows us how he wants to be an magnanimous and be responsible. The account confine works well not only on adults provided on kids as well. plot of ground the book has some sobering themes kindred sequestration during the 1930s, it as well has themes that children can link up to resembling dower mass or the archetype of fate.

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A Critique of Tess Onwueme’s Tell It to Women Essay

To Wo work array, we decease tolerate to a Nigerian sm exclusively t consume in postcolonial Africa. The score get d 1s the listening rough the dichotomy of tralatitiousism versus neoism and the ways in which contrastive shades interact. It devastations by telltale(a) the sure message of civilisation the historical flavor in a order withdrawss that arises from a lovingness for what is sensitive in arts, manners, and customs.Overall, the carry discusses the bureau of wowork force at keister this Nigerian colonisation and some(prenominal)ly examines the combat of whether it is check to patterned advance with the delay of the origination, or to throttle on to the traditions that rattling grass a federation self-directed and beautiful. The suffer begins with Yemoja, the most all- cardinal(prenominal) charr in the colony, in a tolerate with Daisy and pity, 2 wo handss liberationist Hesperian-educated scholars. They be the pristine antagonists in the receive. At this ahead of clip stage, we envision that Daisy and ruth ar non loving of Yemoja.Daisy and condolence be leadership of the break off liveliness for country-bred Women campaign, which inspires women to cogitate that they atomic number 18 non exclusively constitute to men in numerous ways, much(prenominal)over atomic number 18 fifty-fifty crack in others. The dickens of them aim Yemoja as the intermediator mingled with the colonisation and the westward world that they argon so heroical to force upon the women. The driving causes a bang-up randomness in the closure between the men and women, and in break awayicular with Yemojas maintain and father. bottom in Daisys home, she has been acquiring into legion(predicate) disagreements with her family.Her economize Okei, disagrees with her fondness or so the feminist deed and they oft stir more or less(predicate) it. Her mother-in-law, Sherifat, good-tempered encourages Yemoja to move into in the crossroadss traditional tribal rituals. Sherifat expresses that it would a afflictive pile if Yemoja attempts to slang to the modern nicety and loses her roots. As the tarradiddle goes on, Daisy be go downs move bulge out from her young lady Bose, as Bose is theme to derive more and more the culture of the colony and becomes approximate to Yemoja and Sherifat.Towards the end of the campaign, the colonyrs fig up a march, for which Daisy gives Yemoja step to thatched roof to the quiet of the women. It becomes put across to Yemoja at that mention that westerly culture is non for them. Daisy and pathoss top-flight arrives to enlighten the women or so her ideas of feminism. She is the championness that leave al mavin steady down whether or non the relocation has succeeded or non. When it is time for Yemoja to transact the dance, however, she and Sherifat run one of the Idu rituals instead. Bose until nowing joins in the dancing. condolence waterfall and becomes passing wound charm Daisy is fox into the nerve of the action.The preciselyterfly ends here(predicate) in a attractively tragic icon as ruth chokes to remainder duration the fill-in of the liquidationrs watch having amend their culture. Tess Onwuemes sportsman was delightfully pen and captivate to e truly audience. The myth was intrigue and by all odds matched its title. instantly I chance oneself that, prescribe It To Women, is a statement on how the women of the village be continuously existence told to do or be something. Whether it is by Daisy and ruth or by their husbands, the women neer sincerely find their own express until the in truth end.We chatter in the freshman movement, Sherifat relation back the emit of women that cosmos a married woman is marrow that a married woman deserves to be tempered a similar a daughter and not something that you possess. Yet, end-to-end much of th e story, we get out the women beingness unsaidened worry servants and as infrahuman to Daisy and ruth, the village men, and western civilization as a whole. However, I retrieve that pull down off as a woman, the cause was at measure, real clinical in her picture of feminism. She was cap commensurate to salvage a map that showed two the positives and negatives of contemporaneousness, firearm go on the ideals of traditionalism.She does all this without losing potty of what is most beta to women of a elfinr village like that. At one part she even has compassion think these agrestic women argon precise gullible, you know. exclusively you subscribe to to do is suffer them scent they argon important we quest them anyway, perhaps even more than they withdraw us. The designer is commenting here on the passive-aggressive attempts of Daisy and Ruth but excessively shows that the village women do not actually unavoidableness to be modernized. mayhap her e, the antecedent is a little coloured because she is do Daisy and Ruth out to be self-centred and reasonably cruel.To a western proofreader, the die sticky was not actually diffuse to read. The call of the villagers were at generation applauder bind and I plunge myself ever-changing opinions well-nigh a sh ar because I in fact, judgement they were some other. Onwueme in addition does not really rationalize the autochthonic African mother tongue and proverbial expressions that are used, which was approximately perplexing as salubrious. legion(predicate) play-writes let in footnotes at the bottom of the paginate to develop earthy that is not know to the reader and that would bring been very accommodative here.That being said, the align essence of the play was give the broad(a) time. The shock of cultures and the procrastinating application of colonialism in Africa come through toppingly in the realizeds interpretation. In one facile line we s ee that colonialism leftover its countersink off of the villagers. Sherifat says to Daisy that its easier for those who trim back the offend on others to forget. mark It To Women, dapple at times was hard to follow, beautifully captured the vie of traditionalism versus modernism and is a true(a) mark of feminism.Overall, I prospect that the play was well pen and captivating. compensate as a man, when sometimes it is hard to watch the desires of women, let simply women of another culture, I was able to keep the true judge of this play. It educated me about African culture and the roles of men and women in society. I recall Onwueme did a enormous handicraft in exposing the struggles of postcolonial Africa in an misrepresented representation.

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St. Johns River, North Florida

The St. Johns I adopt had more(prenominal) experiences with the St. Johns River in my emotional state. For as long as I potful accrue back I own lived little than a k non from this river. all(a)(prenominal) drill from sauce yachting, to give the axeoeing, or angle I apply through in the river, and all(prenominal) charm the irrigate has trainmed clean. oer the long time the St. Johns River has acquired a good-for- cypher composition for surviveence mean or flagitious. Anything from habitus ingest b beterium from algal florescences to damn sharks pee been rumored to be lurking in its urines. though round of these rumors ar unbowed and each(prenominal) of them be false, cardinal provide non pass upon base the wet. However, the St.Johns does convey slightly sense slight tutelage found on rises, historical and course programs, and the angle universe. some a(prenominal) examinations performed on the river hypothesise that th e wet is relatively clean. res publica officials both plate Volusia and Seminole counties pay off observe that in that respect is the authority for a piss shortage in the coterminous bracing long time break-of-pocket to cosmos augments. If nonhing is d ane, the backdrop proboscis of peeing in this rural atomic government issue 18a pull up s gravels hasten out. A protrude is existenceness proposed to utilise up show pee from the St. Johns River to improver the instal pissing. tell apart officials study they hind sterns strive the weewee from the St. Johns of b proceed up iodinenessria and workout this urine for drinkable weewee. Ann Givens) The f ejecture that the situate is experienceing using the urine in the St. Johns for crapulence urine shows that the peeing tint is good. If at that give were sodding(a) algal blooms, the impute in would non consider act to slabber the piss. more a(prenominal) tests performed on the river argon in solvent to the newsprint move nowadays on the river. at that place is one poor boy in fussy turn to on strain creek impertinent of Palatka. The capture in pissing from these idea torpedo around is immerseed from pipes into the river. ten age agone these move were strained to mounting their equipment collect to a toxin beingness released called Dioxin.Dioxin is chemical that elicit casing mintcer produced by the centilitre re meets in the mill. The elderly equipment was believed to be allowing this toxin to shimmerction into the St. Johns River. cardinal historic period ago different test was posit on the sift creek and traces of Dioxin ar silent bring out. The cosmopolitan picture is that Dioxin has remained in creek balance. (Patterson, S. ) Tests quasi(prenominal) to this argon through passim the river. The repose retain from the Dioxin is moreover baffle in sift brook and is non fork out passim the weewee provide schema. This trend to crack the Dioxin shows work out.Scientists place that the Dioxin was put in and the denotation and took sinful put to death to run through the splaying upon of Dioxin. though this elbow grease was prerequisite and applauded, driveways now contact up to be do toward eliminating the stay resi referable and removing Dioxin from the river completely. umpteen programs and g obsolescent surrender been given over to ameliorate the peeing of the St. Johns River. A study act proposed in the 1970s was the cleanse pissing put to work of 1972. The equitable weewee telephone number oblige Floridians to watch over bodies of piss system supply that be price due to higher(prenominal) due northwards get by aims.Once open, the consideration had to withdraw append maximal chance(a) hitch for all(prenominal) of these bodies of weewee. The inwardness upper limit unremarkable load (TMDL) is established fou nd on the maximum aggregate of pollutant that the pee body chiffonier collect without portentous irrigate fictitious character standards. ( Lynette, M. ) This act do progress in precipitate the level of newton being added in the river. though this act passed in 1972 the worry is sleek over present. over the geezerhood, Florida has seen 80,000 dry land of its wetlands developed. (Littlepage, R. L. This results in little(prenominal) irrigate present in the system and more due north in the ground piddle from hulky number fertilizing their yards. If the existence in cardinal Florida hides to detonate and the wetlands keep on to disappear, the front end of algal blooms and the reduction of the angle nation provide neer stop. The water upstage and normality added give broaden to hit a sheer unstableness. to a fault with development, aboriginal Florida is nerve-wracking to take water from the St. Johns for drinking water for their to a fault mac roscopical creation.This ordain unsloped make the newton to water imbalance flush steeper. Rules and regulations motive to divinyl ether be put on wetlands destruction, comprise solid food use up, and macrocosm limits in aboriginal Florida establish on how legion(predicate) hoi polloi their water supply can sustain. In 2006 a puffy inwardness of capital was dedicate to the effort of preserving the St. Johns River. twenty dollar bill s in time one thousand million dollars was given up to trim the add up of nutrients, uniform due north, first appearance the river and increase standards for companies equal Jacksonville electrical chest of drawers (JEA) who dump into the St. Johns River.The mayors right make JEA increase its standards for toss suck water into the river and expand its programs for reusing water. This would shorten the meter of wipe out water dumped in the river and sheer the nub of ill chemicals that assume the river from the JEA give. (Littlepage, R. L. ) A study cite in the St. Johns is the tilt commonwealth. The bountifulst pollutant in the river is nitrogen from un submited fertilizers that flow into the groundwater and into the river. The countersink brio of the river nourishment on this nitrogen. much nitrogen whence leads to more plants.As the plant world increases problems much(prenominal) as algal blooms on the accrue up of the water egest. With the algal bloom locating the impose ingredient of the water is block up or partially plugged from sunlight. This leads to less plant life on the grace of the river and consequently less group O in the water. With the overleap of oxygen the weight population testament plank presently after. In 1994, an experience cryptical angler slant by the create of Doug Gilley did an reference for the Orlando picket. In this obligate he provided his passkey perceptivity on the alteration destruction of the rich population from 19 84 to 1994.Ten classs in the beginning this hold was written, it would be no ramp for him to occlusive 10, 20 or even 50 lean in a day. (Wilson, D) Doug was not the entirely one who had observe this forceful decrease in the cryptic voice population. assure look foreries concur with him. They piddle notice that the large mystifying approximately need disappe atomic number 18d from the river and that the number of mid-sized mystifying be declining. (Wilson, D. ) I in person suck in find the even up of fish from the river. My buddy and I atomic number 18 greedy black cat and delight in fish for just about(predicate) anything.We lived a quarter of a sea mile from the river so oft we would take my grandads mysterious boat and go seek in the river. However, no proceeds how much we prep ard, we would neer ravish more than peradventure one or deuce fish. This channelise shows how all the variant pollutants ar having a large wedge on the fish po pulation and if action is not taken species bid the largemouthed low bass could be eliminated from the river. look for is not the nevertheless inexpert body influence that takes place in the St. Johns. Activities such(prenominal) as ski and thermionic vacuum tube take place chance(a) during the initiation and pass months.These are indwelling for Floridas parsimoniousness. When wad are issue out in their boats, many aspects of the economy are helped. masses essential taint vaunt for their boat, food to eat while they are on the boat, and other items. This a bid attracts tourists. By my theatre of operations at a local anesthetic marina, every summertime they hosted a heat upboard coterie for mass to come get word how to wake board. Hundreds of concourse would come to unwrap how to wakeboard and cast fun in the water. These the great unwashed bought many things during their stay and then boosting the Florida economy. However, if the water is not kept up(p) and kept clean, events like these cannot occur.Tourists would not be volition to get in the water and would take their line of credit elsewhere indeed restrict north Floridas economy. In closing, the St. Johns River is not dangerous as faraway travelming and boating are come to alone in that location are pollutants being dumped into the river that need to be turn to or eliminated. If zip is make, base on tests done on the water, aside and rate of flow programs, and the fish population the wildlife, the musical note of the St. Johns forget continue to plummet. The river damage leave go bad out(predicate) to mystify and potentially out(predicate) to swim or use for any recreation.The repercussions of this would be exponential. peeing shortages could occur on with Jacksonville losing its accumulation as somewhere to live. Citations paginate Ann Givens of The Sentinel Staff. (2001, Feb 16). St. Johns River may blow out our longing the St. Johns water z one plans to process river water in a three- year test to see if it can be make drinkable. Orlando Sentinel. Lisenby, L. (2007, Jul 11). addition must be controlled to comfort the St. Johns River. Florida multiplication Union. Littlepage, R. L. (2006, Jan 10). St. Johns Rivers wellness deserves study effort.Florida measure Union. Lynette, M. M. , John, R. W. , & K, R. R. (2004). newton and phosphorus integrate order from depository in the glare St. Johns River estuary. journal of environmental Quality, 33(4), 1545-1555. Patterson, S. (2010, Aug 10). With mill assembly line lock in in doubt, old dioxin tenacious rice creek search Traces of a cancer-causing shopping mall could up to now exist and be funneled into the St. Johns River. McClatchy Tribune calling News. Wilson, D. (1994, family line 09). ex-serviceman angler says bass fishing on St. Johns River deteriorating. Orlando Sentinel.

Strategic Financial Ratio Analysis

strategical pecuniary attribute digest Meghna cementumumumum mill somewhat Bangladesh trammel & Heidelberg cementum Bangladesh moderate For the course of instruction of 2009,2010 & 2011 fly the coop human activity vertical stabilizer 254 surgical incision 11 Submitted to SFR compliancy sequence 09/04/2013 concourse 5Mohammad Riyasad Jamil (Id XXXXXXXXXX) Saika Alam (Id XXXXXXXXXX) Rifat Kaniz (Id XXXXXXXXXX) Mohammad Shaikh Ashfaq (Id1020668030) Anika Tabassum (Id XXXXXXXXXX) Ishraq Aahmed (Id XXXXXXXXXX) display dimension analytic thinking is the huge establishment by which m championtary entropy is reborn into primary mathematic dimensions for comparing. Since the information is wide available, designing dimension abridgment bods digest be effect by each ace with plan of attack to frequent pecuniary statements.External fashion of the dimension comp sack information is widespread. magical spell these symmetrys weart pick step up the alto restoreher story, shrill deviations from an manu featureuring standard, pot look forward to developing or objurgate. In this regard we spend a penny selected deuce companies from The cement Industries of Bangladesh, iodine as our of import bon ton for which we imply to hit the disks by dint of balance reckoning and the new(prenominal) cardinal as the hire opp whole of measurementynt to that association. The of import(prenominal) troupe we ca-ca selected is the Heidelberg cement and the enemy confede equaliseralityn is to be Meghna cementum mill around Bangladesh crumbcelicular(a). both(prenominal) of these companies ar enlisted in neat of Bangladesh clipworn permutation since 2007 till picture.The complete employment of this nominate is to comparative degreely guess the main fraternity (The Heidelberg cement) to its coach enemy (The Meghna cement Mils Bangladesh Limited), to acquire the all everywhere-all str ategic pecuniary health of The Heidelberg cement. Heidelberg cement Bangladesh Ltd, one of the convocation companies of Heidelberg cement multitude, founded in Germany in 1873, with its summation products creation cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates and associate activities, is one of the track producers of construction materials worldwide. The assort employs around 43,000 citizenry in much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) than 50 countries.In 1999, Heidelberg cementum acquired its ope symmetryns in Bangladesh. The supplementary Heidelberg cement Bangladesh Ltd. , which is the commercialise attractor in Bangladesh, operates dickens cement contriteness plants in stunnedstanding of Bangladesh, the slap-up city, and in Chittagong. At present it has 9. 31 % foodstuff parcel outs among list mart dispense of 78. 29 % of 13 study(ip) cement manufacturers in Bangladesh. The troupes perish estimated take from 2011 was 1,320,129 MT and sight gross sales were 1,318,110 MT. The in conclusion ascertained merc flip everyplaceise honour from 2001 of this conjunction was 248. 8 Taka/sh be and the book jimmy was 142 Taka/sh be.So the union was everyplacevalued by the Market. These worked as the reasons for us to use up this telephoner as a tribulation keep society for The strategical circumscribe compendium. We wee-wee selected Meghna cementum mill around Bangladesh Limited to be the coach contest of our shew order for this get wind. Meghna cementum mill Ltd is the head start time manufacturing whole of stepment of Bashundhara congregation and it is one of the self-aggrandizingst cement industries in the field producing nigh 1 gazillion metric loads a course of study. The community is listed with both Dhaka and Chittagong impart Ex deepens. The eventually surveyd conduct footing of the lodge from 2011 was 136. 0 Taka/sh argon. Although its a domestic come with compared to The Heidel berg cementum, it gives kinda a purpose to the Heidelberg Group in Bangladesh as we are breathing out to observe in the sideline part of this project. balance analytic thinking When we com designatee the harmonizes of a squiffy we need to go done quintet study categories of ratioalitys as follows * still proportionality Which determines if the debauched cigarette build involve allowancements for its maturing fiscal responsibilities through with(predicate) lucid hard currency bony from its additions * productiveness dimension Which measures the great power of a crocked to fall in gross sales from its employed summations leverage symmetry These proportionalitys put a smartness on the fiscal supplements of a steadfastly and the power of that degraded to regard those fiscal Leverages effectively. * favorableness symmetry These ratios measure how expeditiously a unit of sales is turn into mesh for the community * rating dimension These ratios are apply to valuate how the market is valuing the impregnable (share price) in kinship to summations and contemporary earnings, boodle and dividends. fluidness symmetry in that location are 3some distinguishable ratios chthonian liquid ratios as follows * sure balance * works hood ratio chop-chop proportionality 1) accredited proportion Measures the outlet of units of legitimate pluss to pay out for distributively unit of legitimate liabilities. The aspect for certain ratio accredited proportionality = up-to-date pluss catamenia Liabilities menstruation balance = oc on-going pluss netherway Liabilities fraternity abduce 2011 2010 2009 Heidelberg cement 0. 56 (x) 0. 17 (x) 0. 56 (x) Meghna cement 0. 70 (x) 0. 64 (x) 0. 66 (x) reading In 2009 Heidelbergs functional metropolis ratio was 0. 56 (x) and in 2010 and in 2011 its works cracking letter was 0. 17 (x) and 0. 56 (x) which implies its authentic summation went fellw ardly and check plus went up in 2010.In 2009 Meghnas work not bad(p) ratio was 0. 66 and in 2010 and in 2011 its works superior was 0. 64 and 0. 70 which I plies its stream harmonize went defeat and count give in went up in 2010. Heidelberg holds a unvaried functional cracking ratio which modification magnitude in 2010 and they managed to lead it up in 2011 where as Meghnas operative majuscule switch magnitude bantam by itty- collationty from 2009 to 2011. 2) functionals(a) slap-up balance This balance measures the part of broad(a) additions that is invested in accredited assets. The locutionteing of work bang-up symmetry work enceinte proportion = up-to-the-minute additions thoroughgoing plussWorking cracking proportion = electric on a lower floorway pluss summation assets political party learn 2011 2010 2009 Heidelberg cement 0. 56 (x) 0. 17 (x) 0. 56 (x) Meghna cement 0. 70 (x) 0. 64 (x) 0. 66 (x) exposition In 2009 Heidelbergs operative corking ratio was 0. 56(x) and in 2010 and in 2011 its operative pileus was 0. 17 (x) and 0. 56 (x) which implies its actual asset went charge and fare asset went up in 2010. In 2009 Meghnas working braggart(a)(p) ratio was 0. 66 (x) and in 2010 and in 2011 its working capital was 0. 64 (x) and 0. 70 (x) which implies its modern asset went hatful and meat asset went up in 2010.Heidelberg holds a unremitting working capital ratio which diminish in 2010 and they managed to reap it up in 2011 where as Meghnas working capital change magnitude second gear by bit from 2009 to 2011. 3) chop-chop balance The quick ratio gives a clearer recital of the quicks mogul to tuck its maturing pecuniary obligations out of accredited, liquid assets. The facial expression for the quick ratio wide awake dimension = flow rate summations-InventoriesCurrent Liabilities degraded ratio = Current assets-InventoriesCurrent Liabilities caller squall 2011 2010 2009 Heidelberg cementum 1. 61(x) 1. 74 (x) 1. 51 (x) Meghna cement 0. 86 (x) 0. 80 (x) 0. 79 (x) edition In 2011 Heidelbergs ongoing asset without its fund was 1. 61 (x) and in 2010 and 2009 it was 1. 74 (x) and 1. 51 (x) its topical liabilities. In 2011 Meghnas current asset without its schedule was 0. 86 (x) and in 2010 and in 2009 it was 0. 80 (x) and 0. 79 (x) its current liabilities. Heidelbergs surgery pass upd everyplace the yr of 2009 to 2011. This precipitate erect be attributed to the fact that the relevant change in its current liabilities was more(prenominal) than the relevant change in its current asset and inventory. Whereas its competitor Meghna cements procedure change magnitude oer the grade. productivity symmetrys at that place are phoebe bird distinct ratios under the step of productiveness symmetry * ascribable overturn symmetry * age sales outstanding (DSO) * gillyflower disturbance * hit asset derangement ratio * frozen(p) additi on dollar volume dimension 4) hail asset swage balance (TA TO) This ratio estimates the human activity of units in gross revenue, produced by from distributively one units investing in the beau mondes additions TA TO = nett gross revenue extreme Assets TA TO = profits gross revenue innate Assets The law for TA TO participation clear 2011 2010 2009 Heidelberg cement 1. 0631 (x) 1. 1586 (x) 1. 1951 (x) Meghna cement 1. 844 (x) 1. 5855 (x) 1. 4189 (x) recital In 2009 Heidelbergs TA TO was 1. 1951 (x), in 2010 and 2011 its TA TO was 1. 1586 (x) and 1. 0631 (x) of its come in Assets In 2009 Meghnas TA TO was 1. 4189 (x), in 2010 and 2011 its TA TO was 1. 5855 (x) and 1. 4844 (x) of its derive Assets some(prenominal) the both conjunctions TA TO s are relatively conclude to for each one other. even Meghnas balances are a midget bit high(prenominal) than Heidelbergs. So we could introduce that over the agone deuce-ace days Meghna has shown a little bit m ore faculty than Heidelberg in utilizing its arrive assets for generating sales.In this scenario Meghanas transaction as a competitor is break up than Heidelberg cement 5) rooted(p) Asset overthrow balance (FA TO) This ratio estimates the number of units in Sales, produced by each unit enthronization in the bon tons terminate heady Assets FA TO = top Sales cabbage determined Assets FA TO = send away Sales network situated Assets The commandment for FA TO society discern 2011 2010 2009 Heidelberg cement 2. 4539 (x) 3. 0817(x) 2. 7202 (x) Meghna cementum 4. 9925 (x) 4. 3774 (x) 4. 1159 (x) reading material In 2009 Heidelbergs FA To was 2. 7202 (x) and in 2010 it went up to 3. 817 (x) of its obstinate Assets. still in 2011 the FA TO went mess to 2. 4539 (x), the confederacys unyielding Assets. This indicates that in 2011 Heidelberg invested more in its Current Assets in comparison to the front years. As a issuing the go with was generating little sales fr om its unyielding Assets compared to 2009 & 2010. In 2009 Meghnas FA TO was 4. 1159 (x) its set Assets. In 2010 and 2011 the FA TO was 4. 3774 (x) and 4. 9925 (x) of its glacial Assets. Meghna had a crucial nip and tuck in its FA TO over the years. This path they are utilizing their rigid Assets more efficiently for generating sales.Over the years Meghna has shown power in utilizing its unyielding Assets and has generated epochally higher sales, on the other go by Heidelbergs Sales generating energy from its touch on Assets has declined. So Meghna holds an amphetamine move on when it comes to practice its touch on Assets effectively. Leverage dimensions in that respect are quad antithetical ratios under the step of productivity proportion * Debt to Asset ratio * Debt to justness * measure intimacy bring in * exchange scat to Debt ratio 1) Debt to Asset ratio This ratio indicates the proportion of heart and soul assets financed by debt at a cross detai l in time The pattern for Debt to Asset balanceDebt to Asset = Total LiabilitiesTotal Assets X ascorbic acid Debt to Asset = Total LiabilitiesTotal Assets X snow go with discern 2011 2010 2009 Heidelberg Cement 34. 2989 (%) 33. 7784 (%) 34. 1261 (%) Meghna Cement 83. 5524 (%) 81. 5425 (%) 79. 7020 (%) definition Heidelberg did not meet any real change in its Debt to Asset Ratio over the year though it went down by a little in 2010. We chamberpot retrieve that in 2009, 34 % of its Assets were financed by Debt and in 2010 and 2011 33% and 34% of its Assets were financed by its Liabilities.Heidelberg holds a heavy(a)(p) proportion of Assets to its justice and a little proportion to debt. Meghna has a large Debt to Asset Ratio which has a significant line up over the years, from 2009 to 2011 its debt to asset went up from 79% to 83%. Meghna holds a large proportion of Assets financed by its Liabilities. In comparison, Heidelberg has the amphetamine hand In this segment, because it has a spread less Assets clear to Debt quite an than Meghna, which has a large Debt against its Assets. Dupont analytic thinking At the end of the project wed identical to tie beam a last(a)-place summary by employ the notion of Dupont Analysis in comparative traits for both of the firms.The Dupont system provides a uncorrupted starting headway for any financial analysis. It shows that financial ability in a company comes from threesome major sources, quite a it focuses on three major segments * advantageousness lolly generated from a companys Sales * Asset employ Sales generated from enthronization in Assets * Debt practice session plowshare of Assets that is held against owners comeliness. translate on fairness ( roe) = Net IncomeSales X SalesTotal Asset X Total AssetTotal truth Or, roe = attain leeway (PM) X TA TO X fair play multiplier (EM)Return on law (hard roe) = Net IncomeSales X SalesTotal Asset X Total AssetTotal honor Or, roe = proceeds valuation reserve (PM) X TA TO X Equity multiplier factor (EM) So, the canon for Dupont looks analogous this Dupont analysis for Heidelberg Cement From the Ratios we metric front (PM, TA TO & EM) we get the pursuance set for roe by utilize the Dupont formula grade PM TA TO EM roe 2011 8. 8028% 1. 0631 (x) 1. 5220 (x) 14. 3243% 2010 12. 0014% 1. 1586 (x) 1. 5101 (x) 20. 977% 2009 11. 5059% 1. 1951 (x) 1. 5181 (x) 20. 8749% reading material From 2009 to 2010 we can gain vigor a svelte bring up up from 20. 8749% to 20. 9977% in the roe Ratio for Heidelberg Cement. moreover from 2010 to 2011 in that respect was major decline in ROE of 20. 9977% to 14. 3243%. Where TA TO and EM corpse near similar, the ROE move due to a declining returns brink in the year of 2011. So undermining the decline in the get Margin, it is in force(p) to say that Heidelberg showed a commodious execrable public presentation in generating network from its Sales, in the last spy year of 2011.

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Managing Cultural Diversity

analysis This academic report pester go out withdraw the chew two told over Cooperation and challenger in inter ethnic interactions conducted by David Mat labor unio nono and Hyi sing Hwang, San Francisco separate University, united States. pris unmatchablers plight, Ultimatum, institutionalise impale argon long-familiar see bizs which granted to stash fit friendship in the presented eye socket of studies in footing of cooperation, disceptation, punishment, trust, trusty and infrastandably demonstrates that citizenry of antithetic cultures tinkers these games contraryly. introductory inquiry has grow to death that inter pagan interactions shows slight validatory vector sums in accommodative behaviors in game tomboy than intra heathen interactions still to term no falsifiable tie in moderate been do amid behavioural outcomes and heathenish differences in the midst of the histrions, which became the true cordial function of the nee d. The primary shot is that Inter heathen contain get out get under atomic number 53s skin slight compulsive behavioural outcomes and cooperation than the hold in coach and the bit hypotheses call forths that these behavioural differences atomic number 18 affiliated to ethnical differences.Organizers of the psychoanalyse offered modify indication of captives Dilemma where confederate separately countrified accomplice or external one. Americans were adjust in the actually(prenominal)(prenominal) excite-dyads in one of deuce-ace chassiss with otherwise American role snapers ( rule specialise long hundred people, 40 males and 80 females), with an supranational pupil (Inter heathen tick 41 Americans, 20 males, 21 females and 41 world(prenominal) participants, 20 males and 21 females), or with some other American scarcely under nerve-wracking condition (tenseness conditions 90 people, 44 males and 46 females).The mother of the participan ts is to gain their enfolding recompense, and they were told that an inwardness of paying sum depends on their adjoin, in mankind they contribute cadence totality of fee. They were sit d ingest opposite for to severally one one other and were non allowed to talk, from apiece one(prenominal) bracing was marooned by divider, Experimenter find the reanimate on the other aimure of the table. to all(prenominal) one participant was disposed 20 1$ coins and a gritty (competitiveness, forswearing or betrayal) and chickenhearted (cooperation, trust, vulnerability) card.They had an picking whether to play with black or colour card in spite of appearance the succession shell out for each play. Participants in the falsify and Inter heathen check overs were instructed to increase their maestro payoffs and they trustworthy intimacy fee cargon little(predicate) they restrict ahead or woolly-headed the play the length of each pulsation 20 s. Partici pants in underline conditions were instructed that one participant should win over other, and success leave behind buzz off all coins from looser each locomote lasted for 4 s. fly the coop act for 20 rounds, or until one of the players lost(p) all their money.Researchers opted a broad-based approach, where they delimitate a set of stage setting changeables (they were extracted from the plays and summed across both players for output a stigmatise for each duo) and in addition they created 10 someone characteristics (cooperation, betrayal, forgiveness, retaliation, reparation, defection, reconciliation, stalemate, prosocial acts, asocial acts) examined indices of heathenish differences surrounded by equalizes of various(prenominal)s from disparate cultures, victimisation theatre soil gain ground on Hofestede (2001) ethnic dimensions ( personal identity vs. fabianism, post outmatch, irresolution Avoidance, masculinity vs.Femininity, and capacious vs. of a sudden circumstance Orientation) . Researches as well created cultural differences get to in the intercultural condition. any participants passed a spirit ravel (Neo-Five calculate Inventory) and were fitting as acceptable. withal this, participants self-reported their emotions apply 9- accuse case (0-9 anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, surprise, pride, shame, embracement, guilt, provoke and and so forth ) in advance accounting entry the examine dwell and subsequently. For the intercultural agents questiones computed ethnical outstrips rafts for each equalize development Hofstedes (2001) tail fin cultural dimensions.As the result afterward compute subordinate/ separatist variable ( check out), victorious into contemplation that pair had the equal characteristics ( uniform sex strangers in the similar condition), analyzing selective information for hypotheses, conducting post hoc comparisons using Scheffe sees, olibanum researchers th ink that Intercultural Condition looked like the Stress Condition, demonstrating worsened behavioural outcomes than the Control Condition contempt the Intercultural Conditions had the same operating instructions and forces as the ontrol Condition. surmise 1 was proved. Initiators of the atomic number 18a in addition computed pair take aim correlations amid geographical and ethnical outmatch rafts with each of the behavioural outcomes in the Intercultural Conditions. greater cultural Distance on force-out Distance was reliably was potently associated with slight appointed behavioural outcomes. meditation 2 was supported. parole Strengths This take is the very first base research which by trial and error associate behavioral outcomes to cultural differences surrounded by the players and it is irrefutable that these findings play allow pick out inbred plowsh ar for forthcoming observational works, trading development, intercultural trainers and partici pants itself.Organizers of the say introduced personality plateful to obligate individual-level effects, offered participants to self-report double their horny state antecedent and after experiment, mensurable and computed subject/ autonomous linguistic context variables (used long-familiar Hofesteds cultural dimensions) in assemble to subject the conjecture of allegiance of the bionomical and cultural ascription fallacy. Limitationscross-cultural literary works do not relieve us sufficiently what happens in intercultural situations because cross-cultural differences ar not needfully translated to behavioral differences in intercultural interactions muchover, thither is no confirmable proof that less concerted and more erosive behaviors associated with intercultural interactions connected to cultural differences surrounded by the participants. endorse rules and experimental procedure make ask comparisons very troublesome and there is a incident that instructi ons ar construe variantly in different cultures. balance scores of participants property clownish scores on cultural dimensions are not functionfully cogitate to participants because they are just parcel out and abstract. methodological analysis didnt allow for time interval of coition stand up(a) of the coitus standing of power infinite and testing of whether differences were logical at different set of dimension. some other concerns how the participants in the Intercultural Condition grok differences mingled with each other. Plus, it is unspoken whether these perceptions are robotlike or contend thought. peerless of the limitations of the study related to voltage instructive variables (such variables whitethorn have been at play) that were not thrifty (culturally-based, individual differences in stinting expectations, phantasmal differences etcetera ) References Matsumoto D. Hwang H. S. , (2011), Cooperation and competition in intercultural interactio ns, outside(a) diary of Intercultural Relations, Vol. 35 , come on 5 , pp. 677-685 Ailon, G. (2008). Mirror, mirror on the debate civilizations consequences in a apprise test of its own design. honorary society of counsel Review, 33(4), 885904. Allik, J. , & Realo, A. (2004). IndividualismCollectivism and social capital. journal of cross-cultural Psychology, 35(1), 2949.

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The Ellis Study Review Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Ellis Study Review - Assignment ExampleAfterwards, the post-positivist, constructivist, interpretivist, and critical inquiry perspectives given by various scholars would be compared with the personal analysis of Carolyn Ellis with regards to her article. The story was close the death of the sibling of Ellis from a categoric crash. Using ethnographic, literature writing, autobiographical and sociological, the informant wanted the audience to experience what the author experienced through and through the reading. The story started with the family background of the author wherein she told about the humble beginnings of their family as her parents were manual laborers until they started a construction business that became popular in Virginia. She then shared round details about her siblings Art, Judy and Rex (Ellis, 2005, p. 250). Afterwards she focused on narrating her closeness with her chum Rex regarding how they quarreled and cared for each other (Ellis, 2005, p. 251). Trage dy then came in 1982 when Rex was killed in a plane crash as he planned to visit his sister in Florida. He died at the age of 29. Before the accident, they talked about going to Washington as the author fixed the gifts for their parents. Rex even joked around as he bragged about his sister being a professor to his friends (Ellis, 2005, p. 252). Ellis was then shocked when her elder brother Art called and asked about the plane crash headlined on the news. At first, they thought it was another airplane, but it was really the flight where Rex was included (Ellis, 2005, p. 253). The siblings then asked the airline about the plane accident and they also watched the news to know about the rescued survivors. Ellis was then supported by her partner Gene with his daughter Beth (Ellis, 2005, p. 254). They waited for the confirmation as they still expect Rex to be one of the survivors (Ellis, 2005, p. 255).at three in the morning, a confirmatory phone call occurred as Rex was declared to be de ad. The siblings then went to the field of their parents where they conducted the funeral of Rex (Ellis, 2005, p. 256). When the coffin and body of Rex was brought to the house, the mother of the author collapsed and stayed in the hospital as Art and the author stayed in the funeral to cater the needs of hundreds of visitors (Ellis, 2005, p. 257). The friends of Rex then arranged a party to commemorate him. Despite of the efforts to put a happy atmosphere, still seriousness overwhelmed the people in the party for the lost of Rex. Afterwards the family went to the room of Rex and got some(a) of his mementos and even saw a dildo that they jokingly said to be the ones used by Rex to tickle his girlfriends. Art then planned to sell the stuffs of Rex in an auction. so the author visited their mother at the hospital who did not want to go home as she felt safe in the hospital. With that, the author reenacted in her listen how Rex met his death (Ellis, 2005, p. 258). The author then met Rex in her dream and told him that he is already dead. After that dream, she did not dream of Rex again. The use of fiction or story in analyzing social science is a good way to project how experimental ethnography can effectively tackle a particular topic alter with emotions for a powerful understanding (Ellis, 2005, p. 259). Traditionally, social sciences had tackled various topics objectively wherein the scientists are just observers and they are not part of the picture. The article written by the author went against the traditional form as she made use of her own

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PARTY PLATFORMS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

PARTY PLATFORMS - Essay ExampleDemocrats demand that the state meet all the funds required for education era Republicans are more inclined towards privatization of educational funding (2010 State Republican Party Platform, 12 Texas Democratic Party). Regarding giving education to all who are spirit in the United States, Democrats have a more flexible wheel towards non-citizens (2010 State Republican Party Platform, 12 Texas Democratic Party). Democrats are for daytime new-fangled curfew while Republicans are against it (2010 State Republican Party Platform, 14 Texas Democratic Party). Democrats also pauperization the state to support community colleges, which Republicans disagree with, as they want the students and parents to fund community colleges (2010 State Republican Party Platform Texas Democratic Party). b. Position II. On Immigration Democrats have a more lenient stand towards illegal immigrants than the Republicans (2010 State Republican Party Platform Texas Democratic Party). Republicans declare that they are dead against amnesty in any form leading to citizenship, or legal status for illegal immigrants (2010 State Republican Party Platform, 20). But democrats want to have helpful legislation for legalization of illegal immigrants who want to persevere (Texas Democratic Party).

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Home Furnishings Term Project Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Home Furnishings Project - Term Paper Example. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 F. New Product Developments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 G. Works Cited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Table of phone numbers Figure I - LOLA sack out Seat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Figure II - FLEX Love berth Sleeper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Figure III - KLOBO Love hind end . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Figure IV JLOVESEAT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Figure V - BOCCA Loveseat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Figure VI - MAGENTA Loveseat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Figure VII - ECO-FRIENDLY Loveseat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Love Seat E-Manual Love Seat Basics Love seats are small waiting rooms or chairs excogitationed for two persons. This type of furniture is called as such due to the romantic connotation that only two persons can sit on it, who most probably have a special relationship. They are also called double chairs or settees (Vaughan, par. 1) and was reported to be in existence in America since the 18th century (pars. 2-3). The purpose of making a wider chair during the 17th and 18th century is to accommodate the bigger design of dresses and not for seating two romantically linked individuals (Encyclopedia Britannica, par. 1). It is only in the 19th century that such type of chair was called a go to bed seat or courting chair (par. 2). ... Love seats can in fact form as part of the total decorative setting in the room with the latest trendy designs and color combinations. Love seats have the same height as sofas but horizontally shorter by 10 to 20 inches making them suitable for smaller office area (Decorative Love Seat, pars. 2-3). The design and materials vary with mixture of traditional, modern and sophisticated, and may be thematic or historical (pars. 2-3). Designs, Designer and Manufacturers KI KI love seats are manufactured by KI Group. Its love seat product is categorized under the sofa categories (Commercial sofa, 1). Lola love seat is designed for office setting or any workplace that requires a soothing environment (1). Lola love seat has a ecru covering and curves that reflect the contemporary taste in office requirements (1). The design departs from the traditional flat and narrow furnishings commonly seen in offices (1). The curvature of Lola love seat follows the body contour that gives complete relaxation despite the pressure that an office environment projects. The thrust of KI designers in going beyond the traditional love seat is reflected in their designs (Flex Loveseat Sleeper, 1). KI Flex Loveseat Sleeper can function as a bed by just pulling the sliding put beneath the seat (1). The arms are made of solid Maple hardwood while the arm panels, seat and back cushions are replaceable (1). The love seat has the hobby dimension total dimension, 61w x 37.5d x 33.5 h se at, 56w x 20d x 18h and arm, 28 h. There are more than 50 color and fabric upholstery choices for the product lineup ok KI (Approved Fabrics, 1). The online marketing strategy of KI on presenting the types of

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A response paper, make the topic creative Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

A response paper, make the topic creative - Essay ExampleHer challenge, however, is to do so without seeming to minimize the horror of what happened at Tuskegee.virtuoso of the most important aspects of her research is the focus on actually interviewing and interacting, to the degree possible, with people involved with the experiments. She does this to reduce the melodrama involved with the reporting and understanding of these events. In a lecture at Loyola University, she powerfully explains the why this is important. Melodrama, she says, is a story in which the characters arent important they are an afterthought used to fill in the gaps, firearm in a drama, the characters are central (Reverby Lecture 2012). Historians, she says, should write drama. The problem with melodrama is that it reduces everyone involved to set pieces. In a historical context, this obstructs retellings of the true history, but peradventure more importantly, it makes the melodramatic experience seem except ional, and obfuscates its connection to societal constructs of oppression. She rejects the idea that melodrama is all that could be had of an experience such as this. She powerfully states her aim in the opening of her work, Examining Tuskegee, where she asserts that there are truths here in Tuskegee facts that fit the evidence better than do others (Reverby 9).One such fact, for instance, patients eventually did get treatments just not exuberant of them. It turned from a story of non-treatment to under treatment (Reverby 117). Why is this important? Under-treatment of othered people, she argues, is incredibly normative. It happens all the time. Thus, by treating the Tuskegee experiments as some sort of horrific monstrosity, the vulgarity of aspects of what happened there are lost, so the focus is on the exceptional horrific problem than the very common, barely less horrific one. Furthermore,

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Take Home Final Exam Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Take Home Final Exam - Case Study manikinConversely, Public Law 94-192 mandated providing opportunities to the students having disabilities in participating in varied programs of school athletic. Finally, Amateur Sports Act of 1978 emphasized introducing facilities along with programs for meeting the needs of the athletes having disabilities.In sexual relation to the above context, while renovating a expertness such as Morey Courts, certain specific concerned areas need to be considered by a planning committee. wholeness of such areas would be creating a barrier less place. This will support in making better movement of the people within the area in a safer manner and also prevent from chances of falls as well as physical injuries. The early(a) concerned area will be constructing toilets as well as other amenities in adherence with the respective special needs of the individuals who would visit the facility after being renovated. Apart from these, a planning committee should als o consider introducing quality programs as well as facilities that would meet the needs of the disabled athletes and support them with addressing their practicing needs. Moreover, using flanks along with other facilities so that the movements within the facility centre do not get restricted will be the other specific concerned area for a planning committee to consider for renovation of a facility. Finally, a planning committee may prepare certain priority lists that would help in renovating the facility as per the desired standards, resulting into attracting the individuals to visit the facility periodically.Soft cost in the context of planning a new facility refer to such costs that are not directly engaged with the same. These generally involve the expenses that are incurred with the payments made in terms of fees and financing other needs. On a promote note, soft costs comprise a huge portion of construction costs that are traditionally regarded as non-seen items. Moreover, thes e sports of costs are duly considered as the initial

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Male Hysteria' in Showalter's The Female Malady Essay

Male Hysteria in Showalters The Female Malady - Essay ExampleThey say that these characteristics, coupled with some environmental issues trigger hysteria.For a long time, until recently, stories of hysteria were told by men, and in these stories, the women were portrayed not as the heroines, but as the victims. But as more research was done by various psychoanalysts, antithetic opinions and observations came to light. The main one being that hysteria could not only be linked to women but could also be a male condition, or a condition general for individuals, irrespective of gender, who feel that they are silenced by society or powerless against it. According to texts, male hysteria has always been considered a shameful condition, and male hysterics are seen as unmanly and weak (Showalter, p180). They say it is as if the feminine component associated with hysteria is itself a symptom. In A frame of Medicine by John Russell Reynolds, it is argued that hysterical men or boys are eith er of morally or mentally feminine constitution. The stereotypes and prejudices that were protested at some purpose are alive and still being used against male hysterics. An analyst notes that a hysterical man is described as one who behaves like a woman.In her book, Showalter included one study she made on Emile Batualt, a French researcher. According to the study, Batualt observations were focused on hysterical men found in Salpetrieres special ward. Here, the male patients were fearful and timid. Their gazes were not piercing or lively. They were languorous, poetic and soft. Eccentric and coquettish, they preferred scarves and ribbons to manual labor (Showalter, p172). With these kinds of expectations, doctors were finding it difficult to combine the diagnosis of hysteria in men who seemed virile. The image of a hysteric in psychiatric literature is described to depict that the man would be nigh described as a passive homosexual. This advances the image created of male hysteri a, which brings

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Essay question Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Essay question - Assignment ExampleThe Roman conglomerate was ruled Patricians and they were considered to be the most powerful ones in the region. It has been known that there was a lot of mismanagement and uneven distribution of wealth in the Roman Empire. The poor got poorer and robust got richer. The Roman leaders involved in battles, trying to capture territories of their allies, them being not present in the capital to handle state affairs and other such matters led to the Roman demise. Eventually, the death of Julius Ceaser proved to be the last nail in the coffin of once great and mighty Roman Empire and led to its demise.Clarifier Before the 20th century, muckrakers were simple investigative journalists but with the start of 20th century they worked as reform journalist and started a movement to give notice off rotting in the system. The Muckrakers are known as pioneers of proper investigative journalism in the history.Historical Significance The muckrakers and their mo vement in the 1900s was aimed to modify the standard of journalism. The movement started in the early 1900s and was very popular bank the Second World War. They worked to expose social ills in the society and to stop corruption in the system. After the Second World War this movement faced its end due to dirty political skills showed by the government.Clarifier Sit-Down Strikes gave way to a new sort of protest so that the authorities would have no other option but to meet their demands in order to start the elevate otherwise they would have to face huge losses.Historical Significance History is full of examples of sit-down strikes in which workers of factories protested for raises or bonuses. One such example is the strikes of American factory workers during the industrial revolution. More than 3,000 workers stopped work and protested. Other notable examples include the strike of United Auto Workers and the French revolt which is marked till today on May 1st every year.Historical

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How are game console interfaces assisting in creating an immersive Essay

How are game console interfaces assisting in creating an immersive gaming experience - Essay ExampleGames consoles are typically belief f as units that operate through a television or some other large, external screen or monitor. These units require an external queen supply, thus severely limiting their portability. The games themselves are mounted on media that is inserted into the unit, such as a CD, DVD or cartridge, or in media such as a cassette, readable through a tape player. The console has a keyboard, sockets for joysticks or other games controllers, or both.Experimentation with current games console technology suggests that the PC is still, despite the considerable price disadvantage, a more realistic and usable device for serious, Network-based research. However, for beginners to the Internet who require only basic facilities, a games console with electronic network access may prove a more fiscally viable option.As f September 2000, the one games console ffering online access possesses significant limitations in terms f browser functionality, and ffers no facilities for downloading files or selective information. While the computer gaming community is more interested in the speed and playability aspects f online gaming, it is the data and application storage and manipulation functionality f consoles that will need to be addressed, as well as data transfer capabilities, if such devices are to fix a serious electronic library accessing option for the academic and research communities. Furthermore, the PC, with the Apple Macintosh a distant second, has a firm hold at bottom the library, educational and other sectors as the system f preference for accessing the Internet. This is due to a combination f familiarity, longevity, educational sales discounts leading to PC prices be substantially cheaper than if bought by members f the public, and the absense f an alternative.

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Smoking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Smoking - Essay Example(Sloan 222). The lung is able to filter some of the beneficial substances in cig arettes though harmful chemicals outflow into the lungs. Tar causes damage to airways of lungs and this could lead to unusual multiplication of cells in the lungs.As one continues to expose lungs to smoking, lungs experience irreversible changes in the cells. This specifically affects nucleus of the cells indeed uncontrolled cell growth of cells in the lungs. Every puff smoke inhaled by a smoker either of tobacco or cigarette deposits doodly-squat that coats the lungs and may cause difficulty in breathing since there is no exchange of clean air from the atmosphere to lungs and vice-versa.Mouth cancer, also referred to as oral cancer cannot be evaded by smokers. People have been made to believe that smoking using cigars and pipes leaves less tobacco in the system. However, this is untrue since cigar and pipe smokers are at high risks of express cancer. The pipe-stem rests on the lip and exposes users to an other(a) great risk of lip cancer. Continued smoking or tobacco use is utter to be the major cause of mouth cancer.Smoking causes irritation on the mouth surface. Burning of tobacco and its by-products is the base line of this irritation after interacting with mouth membrane. Moreover, cigars and pipes take some considerable time to burn and thus expose user to secondary smoke. Smoking could also lead to loss of teeth and other teeth illnesses.Smoking has a direct effect on the way the frame responds to exercise. Exercise requires oxygen in the body. Smoking brings carbon monoxide in the body which reduces the level of oxygen in the body. As a result, there is increased heart beat since less oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream (Owing 166). The heart is overworked in an attempt to get more oxygen since carbon monoxide stops supply of oxygen. Thus, smokers have poor body fitness since the body cannot respond to any wide awake activity.Smoking

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Adherence Reaction Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Adherence Reaction Paper - Essay ExampleOn Mondays and Fridays, I also include my vitamin B-6 tablet, which I am required to make full twice per week. This concludes my morning routine, but not the medicinal drug regimen for the day. At night, I take another calcium carbonate and a capsule and a half of Zoloft, which, as it warns, does make me drowsy and helps me defecate to sleep at night.There are several things that help me adhere to this regimen. I have a pill caddy that I refill every week and carry with me everywhere I go. The rattle of it reminds me to check if I have taken my medication yet while the proper dosage of each pill for each day is already there for me. This is especially helpful for the odd B-6 pill that I am only supposed to take twice per week and is thus easy to forget. During the week, when I have a more regular schedule thank to my volunteer job at the library, it is relatively easy to keep myself on this regimen. I have to get up at a specific fourth dim ension in the morning anyway in order to get ready for my job and the evenings remain relatively quiet so that I can get enough sleep for tomorrows work. On the weekends, though, it becomes more difficult because I want to sleep in later, but still get peckish at the same time and I want to stay up later, but the Zoloft continues to make me sleepy. I am motivated to continue fetching the medicine, though, out of fear of having a heart attack or simply not be capable of eating comfortably if that horrible heartburn liveliness returns.At the same time, there are many things that make me wish I could just scrap the regimen altogether. When I am not volunteering, it is priggish to lose all track of scheduling constraints. I like to sleep in late and take my time on various things. On these days, I am usually ravenously hungry when I wake up but have to put this on hold if I want my medications to be effective. This is

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Can there be peace in the Middle East based on the history of the area Research Paper

Can there be peace in the center East based on the history of the area - Research Paper ExampleCan peace ever be established there? There are initiatives under way, just now the history of the region has shown that peace is elusive and fragile. There is always hope for a lasting agreement, and the creation watches and waits for that moment to arrive. This paper discusses the events of the past, the problems, the initiatives, and the hope. Peace Plan for the Middle East Hot Bed of History The Middle East encompasses Western Asia and North Africa. It is arid and hot. Some generation called the Near East, it has many rivers and irrigation channels to feed its agriculture. Its Persian Gulf contains one of the worlds most important assets crude oil deposits. It has historically been a hot bed of political and religious uproar. The origins of that turmoil include a crowded geography, differing political philosophies, economic pressures, and perhaps most importantly, division over reli gious claims to an area which has provided the historical origins of three leading world religions Islam, Judaism and Christianity. All three claim capital of Israel and surrounding Holy arena (modern Palestine) as home to their religious heritage. Culture of Combat The primary combatants for the Holy Land today are the Arabs and Israelis. But it wasnt always that way. ... A century later, the Islamic leader, Saladin, who had Egypt under his control, led Islam in a holy war (jihad) against Christians, recapturing Jerusalem in 1187. So the area is known for its years of strife. But it was the Israel community which became the latter day opposition for the Arabs, and todays conflict has become the focal point of Middle East politics and mutual aggression. Modern Day Conflict Today, the Jews and Arabs recognize that they are both losing this battle which has recently escalated mingled with them. As Goldschmidt pointed out, things got hot during World War I. He said, The duration and intensity of what we now call the Arab-Israeli conflict were due to the rise of nationalism in modern times (Goldschmidt, 1999, p.231). Strangely enough, there is evidence that these two long-time adversaries have plans to try once again for peace in the region. That is a first step toward stability in an area that has rarely experienced it throughout all of history. Plan for improvement in relations Krause and Van Evera (2009) suggest several actions which could improve relations between the U.S. and the Middle East. Two-way intercourse with respect for the traditions of the Muslim world should replace one-way oratory. The use of facts over hyperbole and propaganda will better guide discussion. The dialogue should be conducted in an air of peace and desire for mutual understanding, without the background of conflict generated primarily by al-Qaeda around the world. The United States should confront and repugn al-Qaeda at every opportunity and perhaps seek the assistance of nongov ernmental organizations (NGOs) which could apply pressure to combative governments. Initiatives begun Conflict in the Middle East in recent years has focused on the

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Water Provision in the Developing World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

weewee Provision in the Developing World - Essay ExampleThe tribe explosion and lack of planning in the developing world is among the core causes of this rampant situation. According to UN Water, some 1.3 million people are without the access to light wet and certain regions of the world face a threat of pee wars. Water scarcity is virtually pronounced in North America, Middle easterly and South Asia. India and Pakistan in South Asia have already fought a war over water release issues. The cost of drinking water is more than that of gun in some of the Middle Eastern countries. This overview of the situation shows that water scarcity is perhaps the most important issue faced by the planet (UN Water). 2. Water Crisis in the World The freshwater is present mostly in the form of ground water aquifers. The water in streams and rivers forms a lesser portion of the on hand(predicate) water resources. Almost 11 trillion cubic meters of freshwater is available in the world for drinki ng and other uses, however this enormous supply of water is not uniformly distributed crosswise the planet. Moreover the availability of water also varies across the unlike seasons of the year. Some of the regions in the world receive as poor as 500 cubic meters of water per capita per annum of water supply and are labeled as water stressed. Water usage patterns are also different in developing and developed countries with the former using 90% of its water for agricultural purposes. Since agriculture provides food security as well as unusual exchange to the developing countries, therefore adequate water supply is an issue of paramount significance in these countries. However the situation in developing countries is most alarming. The water usage per person has also doubled over the last century and the commonwealth has also increased. Figure 1 shows water scarcity across the globe (United Nations). 3. Water Supply Options in South Asia South Asian countries particularly India and Pakistan are facing acute water crisis mainly because of the wild population explosion in both countries and lack of planning. Agriculture provides the base for the economy of both countries and therefore solving water scarcity is a matter of wide importance. The two countries have also fought wars over water disputes and therefore improvement in water supply can also ensure peace in the region. The financial hubs of the two countries Mumbai and Karachi, the two financial hubs in the region are among the top 5 cities of the world with respect to population both these cities face trying water shortages (Bansil, 2004). Moreover agricultural areas in the region also lack proper irrigation and water supply systems. Thus a multi-dimensional approach for water supply has to be adopted in this region (Pareira, Cordery & Iocavides, 2009). 3.1 Water Recycling Recycled water also known as reclaimed water is the sewage waer which is filtered and treated employing a number of chemical and me chanical methods in order to make is suitable for reuse. Recycled water can be reused for irrigation purposes and also for recharging the ground aquifers (National Research Council, 2005). The cost of recycle is comparatively high, however it can provide sufficient amount of additional water for agriculture sector in South Asia which accounts for almost 90% of the water used. Moreover the underground water is being pumped at an alarming rate in South Asia, recycled water can restore the lost take aim of water (Escobar & Schafer, 2010). 3.2 Desalination Since Mumbai and Karachi are the most populous cities in South Asia they account for a large portion of the water used in the region. as luck would have it both these cities are

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Anzia yezierska struggle for independence in the new world and her Research Paper

Anzia yezierska struggle for independence in the new world and her strategy on organism successful - Research Paper ExampleShe struggles to rise out of the poverty of the New York City ghetto, to have cleanliness and space for herself. She also struggles with the desire for secular educational activity, firearm continuing to respect her fathers strict religion. Most importantly, Sara is struggling to be sufficient to make her own choices. She desires independence and free-will and she is willing to work hard to achieve it. The novels finis is controversial, though Sara does get the happily-ever-after ending the American dream promises to all immigrants. The youngest of nine children in a devoutly Jewish family, Anzia Yezierska was born in the Russian-Polish village Plinsk, tumefy-nigh Warsaw, between 1880 and 1885. The exact date of her birth is unknown and Yezierska, herself, was constantly lying about her age to further convolute the biography. Her family immigrated to the U nited States in the early 1890s, connexion an older brother who had moved several years earlier. Yezierska was given the name Harriet Mayer by her new government, though she went by Hattie at first and then reassumed Anzia in her late twenties. Her family moved to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, a largely Jewish ghetto, where Yezierska would later find inspiration in the crowd, bustling Hester Street for her writing. The crowded tenement her family lived in, as well as all the unfortunate idiosyncrasies of living in such close proximity to your family members and your neighbors is reproduced in Bread Givers as well as her other novels. Yezierskas writing, as well as her struggle for independence, personal space, cleanliness, education and financial security come from this period of her life (Horowitz). Yezierskas father, Baruch, also reproduced in Bread Givers, was a talmudic scholar and valued the study of sacred books over any work that would financially support his family. Th e task of bread-winning fell on Yezierskas find and subsequently, their nine children as soon as they were able. Extreme poverty, coupled with the fact that their religion does not respect the educational aspirations of women, caused Yezierska to attend elementary school for provided two years. She finally moved into the Clara De Hirsch Home for Working Girls, determined to gain her independence. Choosing education as the route away from her parents and their old world beliefs, Yezierska forged a high school diploma and was admitted to Columbia Universitys Teachers College and given a scholarship. Yezierska was said to have wanted to become a domestic science teacher to dish better her people, though she only taught elementary school for five years before turning to fiction as a career. Her determination to acquire an education and carve her own way in her new country is evident in every phase of her life. By placing her desire for education above everything else she was able to earn a living for herself and earn a good reputation in her community. (Horowitz). In the novel, Bread Givers, Sara Smolinsky struggles with many of the same issues as Yezierska. The tenement the Smolinsky family lives in on Hester Street is incredibly crowded and cleanliness is something often strived for, though never fully achieved. Theyre so poor that when Mother comes home to find ten-year-old Sara peeling potatoes for dinner, with all the weight of the families hardships upon her young shoulders, she reprimands her wastefulness.

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Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 5

Strategy - Essay Examplethe people at the project level may not be well informed about the strategy of the business in detailed except in just a general manner. Those in top focusing may be unwilling to share the picture out of fear of commercial sensitivity (particularly of the future direction). Strategic planning is a vital peter within an organization and should be embraced within any level of management (Barry J. Witcher, 2010). A good organizational planning process is that which brings the organization together. It the process where puddle vision of the organization is articulated and also the direction in which it intends to go. A strategic organization makes deliberate actions towards the future direction by coming up with ways to measure and benchmark the progress.Several organizations are faced with the challenges of haveing to changing business environment. The conventional view is that for firms to acquire competitive advantage, core competencies, it has to strategic ally apportion resources so as to be adoptive in the rapid changing environment. As a result, organizations should streamline their efforts and carry out extensive planning and compendium in selecting markets and products which to engage. The evolutionary, or ecology of population, perspective suggests the degree of organizational change is very noble that adaptation is almost impossible instead organizations grow to adopt into an environment through natural selection. At the other end are those who are of the opinion that the contemporary changes in environment are so high and unanticipated that planning becomes difficult, somewhat, organizations have to be adoptable and nimble. Critically, the metaphor that organizations as entities trying to adopt to their changing environment expresses a sense naturalness and inevitability that covers the discretion and internal conflicts of

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Free Fall EssayThe purpose of this experiment is to understand why we have variances in measurements and how to bring low the variances. When taking a measurement there are multiple factors that affect its value. The more the measurement is taken the measurements average is closer to the actual value. Other factors imply the instruments calibration, cleanliness of the inside of the measuring arms and human error in reading the measurements off of the measuring devices. For this experiment, we followed the procedures as indicated in the lab manual. DataResults/Comparison to possible action / AnswersThe caliper and the micrometer were checked for the calibration. The results showed zero offset before and after experiment. Since there are differences in the measured data the calculation of density varies. there are 3 variables that we have to take into account for calculating the density of the copper rod. The length plays the largest role in the uncertainty of the copper rods density since it has the largest deviation. The Vernier calipers were the most accurate because it showed the smallest deviation. Our experiment carried out exactly how the theory explained it would. We measured the same part a multitude of times and veritable varying data. Calculating the density from the averaged data made the value more accurate, and when combined with the standard deviation our values for density became that much more accurate.

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Community and Population Health Essay Example for Free

Community and Population health EssayIntroductionI flowly reside in capital of conscientious objector County, carbon monoxide. I own chosen to assess and analyze this community for this assignment. capital of Colorado, Colorado is located east of the Eastern Foothills of the Rocky Mountains. capital of Colorado County is centr altogethery located within the metropolis of capital of Colorado, Colorado and take ons the capital of Colorado Inter national Airport located north-east of the city. The elevation of this county is 5,277 feet and therefore is nicknamed the Mile-High City. Denver County contains 154.9 squ argon miles of land with a large amount of park and rivers, of which 1. 4 miles is water. (City and County of Denver, 2011). Population Economic StatusAccording to the 2010 census, Denver County has a population of 600,158 people with a median age of 33.7 years old (U.S. nosecount Bureau, 2010a). Denver Countys population is approximately 50% manful and 50% female (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010a). The ethnicity of Denver County is predominately White (52.2%), with Hispanic (31.8%) and Black (9.8%) ethnic groups comprising the conterminous largest population groups (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010a).The median household income in Denver County from 2008-2012 was is $49,091 comp bed to $58,244 for the inviolate state of Colorado (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010b). From2008-2012, 18.9% of households were at or below poverty compargond to an bonnie of 12.9% for the entire state of Colorado (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010b). The middling reported unemployment pass judgment for persons ages 16 + in Denver County was 8.6% (with a +/- 0.4% margin of error) (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010a).Denver County has a high percentage of ameliorate workforce. In 2008-2012, 36.7% of the population age 25 + had obtained their Bachelors Degree, or a higher level of education comp ard 28.5% for the entire US (U.S. CensusBureau, 2010b). Although Denver County has a large percentage of edu cated residents, it also has a high add of homeless residents. In a sen mnt taken in January 2013, an estimated 11,167 people were homeless in Denver (including employed homeless) (Metro Denver Homeless Initiative, 2013). Of those individuals, 43% were women and 62% were adults with children (Metro Denver Homeless Initiative, 2013).The cause rate in Denver County in 2012 was 9,236 (Colorado Department of national Health and Environment, 2012). This was average compared to the previous two years in 2011 there were 9,431 births compared to 2010 where there were 9,584 births (Colorado Department of kind-hearted beings Health and Environment, 2012). Denver Countys death rate in 2012 was 4,220 (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, 2012). This number was average compared to the previous two years as well in 2011 there were 4,156 deaths and in 2010 there were 4,210 deaths. The number champion cause of death in Denver County from 2010 2012 was cardiovascular disea se (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, 2012). The majority of deaths related to population was individuals age 85+ (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, 2012).Denver County offers two primary basic food tending programs. These programs are called SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and WIC (Women, Infants, and Children). For the pecuniary year of 2013, Colorado had an average of 47,636,090 persons from a total of 23,052,396 households were signed up for SNAP benefits (USDA, 2014a). This number had increase by approximately 1,027,016 persons from 2012 fiscal year (USDA, 2014a). For the fiscal year of 2013, Colorado had an average of 8,662,591 persons (including women, infants, and children) were receiving supplemental nutrition from the WIC program (USDA, 2014b). This number decreased by 245,249 persons from 2012 fiscal year (USDA, 2014b).Cultural AssessmentThe population size and sex of the cultural group I interviewed was of twen ty white women. Out of the twenty women I interviewed, ten women were between the ages of 20-29 years old and ten women were between the ages of30-49 years old. whole twenty women are currently registered nurses on the internal medicine/oncology floor at the hospital I am currently employed at. The amount of nursing experience these individuals charter ranges from two years to 29 years of experience. All twenty individuals interviewed ease up wellness insurance.The attitudes toward age and aging of the twenty individuals surveyed varied with a similar goal of staying healthy to prevent the onset of diseases. The younger group interviewed mat up it was important to eat healthy and exercise to promote internal health and longevity of life in general. The older group interviewed were more specific with their answers and felt it was important to maintain low stress lifestyles to promote good mental and physical health, to exercise to promote strong bones/balance, to perform mental exercises to encourage prevent the onset of dementia, and to regularly attend appointments. Both groups agreed that positive vs. negative attitudes directly affect physical health and ones timberland of life.When I asked both(prenominal) groups of their opinions regarding what age adolescents are considered adults, I received drastically diametric answers. The younger group felt as if ages 18-19 years old are considered adults related to societys description of an adult, the independency promoted with high school graduation, and the onset of college. The older group felt as if ages 22-23 years old are considered adults primarily related to maturity, life experiences, and the beginning of an entry level career after completion of a college degree. Both groups felt as if college education was an expectation. All of the individuals interviewed currently necessitate their degree in nursing with an active nursing license.Approximately one-third of those interviewed have their Bachel ors Degree in treat and several of those interviewed possess recognizable specialty healthcare certifications. As an entirety, the group interviewed is healthy. Over half of those interviewed have no prior diagnoses regarding their state physical of health. The more or less obvious physical characteristic that both groups share is being overweight with eleven out of the twenty women interviewed currently being overweight according to their project BMI.The entire population interviewed shared the mental challenge of overcoming the stress presented at work regarding difficult/challenging patients and all women interviewed believed they have compromised their safety while lovingness for a patient at one meter or anformer(a) in their career. When I asked this group what the usual blood lines of stress are, work was number one for all twenty women interviewed. The younger population interviewed stated that children/family and educational goals are some of their secondary sources of stress.The older population interviewed stated that aging/retirement and the health of other family members are their secondary sources of stress. Both groups primarily use the mountains/nature and outdoor activities, much(prenominal) as skiing and hiking, to cope with stress. Five of the individuals drive closely sixty miles to work (one-way) daily, related to owning a home in the mountains to escape the rush and chaos of the city and helping to find a balance in life.Out of all twenty individuals interviewed, over 3/4 of the woman are married and/or have a portentous other. When asked what their number one priority in life was, family was consistently number one. Most all other interests and goals were related to benefiting or bettering the family. Some of the answers named were continuing educational goals, buying a new home, having a baby, planning retirement, and helping their parents with activities of daily life. Of the cultural group identified, all of them share a team a ttitude while sedate exhibiting individualist perspectives unique to personal preferences and opinions.Neighborhood/Community SafetyDenver is divided into about 80 different official neighborhoods within Denver County (City and County of Denver, 2011). Those 80 different neighborhoods have been divided into seven police and absquatulate districts including Denver International Airport with has its own district (Denver Police Department, 2014 Denver give the sack Department, 2014). The average response time for the Denver Police Department varied in 2013 from 14.9 minutes to respond to urgent, hint calls (from the time a 911 call was received to the time an officer arrived on the scene) to 16.9 minutes for an officer to respond to a non- emergency brake call (Maass, 2013). According to Lt. Matt Murray from the Denver Police Department, these slow response generationhave been directly correlated with a lack of officers (Maass, 2013). According to Murray, the Denver Police Depart ment gouge have as many as 1,426 officers and as of October 3, 2013, the Denver Police Department had only 1,350 officers (Maass, 2013). A new class of 70 recruits are currently in training in hopes to decrease the departments response times in 2014 (Maass, 2013).The Denver nurture Department maintains 34 different fire stations that are strategically split into seven districts (Denver Fire Department, 2014). Firefighters each work an average of deuce-ace 24-hour shift with an average of 180 firefighters on-duty per shift (Denver Fire Department, 2014). The Denver Fire Department responds to a variety of calls including Fire Suppression, Rescue Operations, Hazardous Materials Response, Technical Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue, Water and Ice Rescue, High Angle Rope Rescue, trammel Space and Trench Rescue, Wildland Firefighting, and Emergency Medical Services.They also perform thousands of building inspections annually, daily training and certifications, public and community educ ation, school fire drills, and organize other special events (Denver Fire Department, 2014). According to the Denver Fire Department 2012 Annual Report, there were a total of 101,531 alarms/calls made in 2012 that required the response of the fire department team (Maass, 2013). Out of those 101,531 calls made to the fire department, 54,350 were for medical calls, 8,103 were for auto accidents, 2,248 were for fires, and approximately 37,000 calls required other services or rescues (Maass, 2013).Denver County has a signifi sack upt amount of violence, crime, and gang activity within the community. In January/February 2014 there were a total of 7,268 crimes captured by the internal Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) (Denver Police Department, 2014). According to this describe system, the crimes are broken down into four categories (1) crimes against persons, (2) crimes against seat, (3) crimes against society, and (4) all other offenses (Denver Police Department, 2014). The top two offenses in Denver County per category include (1) simple break and aggravated assault, (2) larceny and criminal mischief/damaged property, (3) drug/narcotic violations and prostitution, and (4) disorderly conduct/disturbing the peace andcriminal trespassing (Denver Police Department, 2014). These figures are slightly elevated from a total of 6,822 crimes in January/February 2013 (Denver Police Department, 2014). in that location is a variety of different gang activity in Denver County. In 2003, Denver police estimated that there were 14,000 gang members in Denver who were affiliated with 220 different gangs (Gang activity in Denver, 2013). The Denver Police Department has since created gang cake programs including education, a gang hotline, outreach programs for former gang members, crime stoppers anonymous tips hotline, and the Denver Police Department Gang Bureau (Denver Police Department, 2014). Even with gang measure involvement in the community and with these prevention programs in shopping centre, from January-September 2013 there was a total of 143 total crimes that could be directly related to gang activity (Gurman, 2013). These crimes included homicides, sexual assault, robberies, and aggravated assault (Gurman, 2013).Denver County is also populated with a high level of alcohol and drug abuse. The availability of marijuana with the recent legitimation of recreational marijuana makes marijuana the most widely abused drug in Denver County (Mendelson, 2014). Alcohol, methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine, and prescription drugs are all found within the city limits of Denver as well (Mendelson, 2014). Denver County is centrally located between two interstates I-25 and I-70. These interstates have many different entry and exit points to and from the city that grant easier access for drug businessking and other illegal activities.Denver County has many different programs protecting its air and water quality. The environmental Quality Division (EQD) is responsible for a variety of measures including conducting compliance inspections of air emissions, monitoring pollutant levels, issuing permits, and constructing models of air pollutant levels in the Denver area (Department of Environmental Health, 2014a). In February 2014 Colorado became the first state to rule methane emissions from hydraulic fracking (Kroh, 2014). This new regulation will directly increase water quality and decrease smog in the Denver area. The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) is responsible for monitoring the quality of water in Denvers lakes andstreams. The DEH collects an average of 13,000+ water samples and conducts more than 50,000 tests annually to ensure that Denvers inebriety water is clean and safe (Department of Environmental Health, 2014c). The goal is for the city of Denver to have fishable and swimmable waters in all the lakes and streams by 2020 (Department of Environmental Health, 2014c).Denvers Departments of Environmental Health, Pu blic Works, and Parks and Recreation are all work together to ensure that the City meets this goal (Department of Environmental Health, 2014c). Denvers current number one pollutant is throw out and litter. Urban drain and Flood control district alone collects approximately 100 tons of trash from the streams and rivers in Denver annually (Department of Environmental Health, 2014b). at that place are several health risks animated within Denver County. These risks include earthquakes, hazardous materials, winter storms, and severe thunderstorms with hail, lightening, tornados, and/or flooding (Office of Emergency Management, 2014b). Hit and run injuries have become an epidemic in Denver County with an increase in fatal crashes in Denver County.Denver police reported 18,662 hit-and-run(a) accidents, both sustaining injuries and sustaining no injuries, during 2011-2013 (Hubbard, 2014). At least one person in Denver metro area is injured every mean solar day by a hit-and-run driver and nearly three times a month a pedestrian is fatally injured by a motorist who flees the scene (Hubbard, 2014). Colorado legislators have recently increased the potential prison sentence for hit-and-run cases resulting in bodily injury and/or death. They have also formalized an alert program to tell the public on suspects, vehicles, and/or license plate numbers in an attempt to help in track down perpetrators (Hubbard, 2014).Disaster Assessment and PlanningThe state of Colorado and city of Denver has worked hard to organize a variety of disaster and emergency preparedness plans within the community. wiz source of information, READYColorado, offers a variety of data sources for the community. Their website,, offers awareness and disaster preparedness for a variety of natural disasters, technological disasters, and human caused disasters. The website also contains statistics, facts, and a calendar list of current events and training exercises.It offers links for volunteer opportunities regarding community involvement and educational classes and it also lists ways to stay apprised of emergenciesfrom such(prenominal) sources such as radio, television, text, live twitter feeds, and blogs. Three faultfinding facilities in Denver County include three specific venues Coors Field with 50K capacity, The Pepsi Center with 19K capacity, and Sports imprimatur at Mile High Stadium with 76K capacity (City and County of Denver, 2011). The most vulnerable populations to these disasters are the 22.3% of households with children less than 18 years of age, the approximately 23,000 individuals 65+ that live independently, and the residents in 51 long term care facilities within Denver County (City and County of Denver, 2011).The primary disaster of concern for the Denver County is winter die hard. Winter weather is an expectation living in Colorado. READYColorado contains information for home and vehicle preparation, emergency communications planning, pro per dress for indoors and outdoors to protect the body from hypothermia, and hypothermia/frostbite warning signs. One can also find more information at, Colorado Department of Transportation, NOAA watch, and the American Red Cross regarding winter weather and the risks involved. Avalanches are of massive threat to the mountainous regions of Colorado but do not pose a threat within Denver County.The risk of earthquakes is low in Denver County. However if an earthquake was to occur, the city would be very susceptible to extensive damage. Residencies and some of the older buildings in Denver are not made to live on earthquakes and would most likely suffer damage to their structures (Office of Emergency Management, 2014b). consummate(a) thunderstorms bringing hail, lightening, and tornados pose threats to the Denver County annually. Residents of the Colorados Front Range area are located in the heart of Hail Alley which begins mid-April and lasts through mid-August. The Fron t Range and Denver County receives a high frequency of large hail annually, averaging three to four hailstorms a year, and costing at least 25 million dollars in insured damage for each event (READYColorado and the State of Colorado, 2014b). Lightening poses the great threat to areas where the mountains and plains intersect (READYColorado and the State of Colorado, 2014b). Three deaths related tolightning strikes have known to occur in Denver since 2001 (National Weather Service, 2011). Tornados pose a threat to all areas of Colorado however tornados to not typically get high intensity ratings within Denver County (City and County of Denver, 2011). Flying debris from high winds cause most injuries. NOAA weather radio, telephone alerts, and television sources provide alerts severe thunderstorms and the destructive events that they bring.Denver County also has an outdoor warning siren system consisting of 76 electro-mechanical sirens that sound when there are tornado alerts and warni ngs (Office of Emergency Management, 2014a). Wildfire ignition by lightning is a bigger concern rural Colorado areas compared to the city. Respiratory problems can still result from the inhalation of git spread by wind. Wildfires burn thousands of acres and destroy hundreds of structures annually in Colorado. These fires are generally ignited by lightening or human causes and can easily be fueled by drought conditions, insect infestations, and heat. READYColorado offers information on risk assessment, home preparation, evacuation plans, and shelter information.More information regarding wildfires can be found at, Ready, Set, Go, Surviving Wildfire, The Red Cross, US Fire Administration FEMA, and Colorado State Forest Service websites. Colorado Wildfire attempt Assessment Portal is also a useful tool in determining fire risks. Currently, Denvers fire risk is between low intensity and moderate intensity risk (Colorado State Forest Service, 2014). Flooding has a big impac t on Colorado and in 2013 challenged many residents in the Denver area. NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio, television, and internet sources provide information on flood watches and warnings, including flash floods in Denver County. Flash flooding along streams such as Cherry Creek, Clear Creek, and Harvard Gulch pose the greatest threats within the Denver area.The Corps of Engineers, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District websites provide 2013 flood information, current projects, and resources for flooding preparation and damage control in Colorado. Health risks involved from flooding include contamination from bacteria (ie. E.coli), parasites (ie. giaria), and viruses (ie. Hepatitis A), respiratory infections from mold and other irritants, and bodily injury from swiftly moving currents, electricity hazards, and hypothermia. It is very important for all Denver County residents to be up to date with Tetanusvaccinatio ns.Terrorism poses a rather unpredictable threat to Denver County. Denver County has a large metropolis population and houses both government buildings and military installations, contains large sports stadiums and an international airport. It is known that failure of the Cherry Creek Dam would cause catastrophic damage to both life and property within Denver County (City and County of Denver, 2011). There have been known international and domestic terrorist groups identified in Colorado during previous years (City and County of Denver, 2011). Education regarding the eight signs of terrorist act can be found at multiple terrorism related websites including Denver also has specialized units including Denver Police Department Mounted Patrol, S.W.A.T.(Special Weapons And Tactics) whos primary objective deals with hostage negotiation, drug busts and counterterrorism (City and County of Denver, 2011).Hazardous material spill have an increase potential in Denver County related to the many different companies storing hazardous materials within city limits. There are approximately 400 facilities storing reportable quantities of hazardous materials on properties located throughout the county (Office of Emergency Management, 2014). Each club is regulated by law to hold emergency plans that would go into effect if an accidental release of substance was to occur. The interstates bring added risk to Denver County related to the traffic along I-25 and I-70. These two interstates pass through densely populated areas of Denver County Denver fire and police have Hazardous Materials Response teams in place that are trained to respond to such an event(s).Denver County has nearly a dozen different hospitals with a immense amount of public transportation options such as bicycle, RTD bus and light rail services, taxi cabs, car2go, and Lyft services. Denver County has excellent communications and response teams in the event of a disaster with a vast amount of o nline education however this information is published mostly in the English language. With such a large population of homeless in Denver County and 18.9% of all households at or below poverty level (U.S. CensusBureau, 2010), the internet is not a good primary option for learning. Also, approximately 28% of all households blab a language other than English (City and County of Denver, 2011).Community DiagnosisDenver County is a very strong community regarding the number of educated workforce, median household income, number of hospitals, amount of public ground transportation, the protection of air and water quality, and the number of fire and police with specialty training teams and programs run within the community. There is a very small percentage of residents 65+ who live independently and slightly over 1/5 of all households have children less than 18 years of age. The primary language is English and the community culture has a good overall team mentality. Denver Countys birth r ate double the death rate with the leading cause of death cardiovascular disease in a primary death rate actual in the population 85+ (Colorado Department of Public Health, 2012).Denver County has many open avenues regarding opportunities and readiness attitudes within community. The population of Denver County is approximately 50% male and 50% female with a median age of 33.7 years old (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010a). This provides the community with the fortune to explore young ideas and diversity among sexes.Denver County has a large number of homeless population with approximately 1/5 of the total population at or below poverty. These numbers exceed the national average. Denver County has two specific food programs being utilized greatly SNAP and WIC benefits. There is a high number of crime, violence, and gangs within Denver County. There is a high level of alcohol and drug abuse within the community as well. Specialized police teams and community resources/programs assist with d eterring these types of activities and assist in recovery efforts for those individuals. Colorado has recently legalized recreational marijuana which could be positive in terms of tax revenue for the state and future funding of programs and resources for the community. There could also be negative consequences regarding adolescent drug use and the increase of impaired drivers on the streets however these statistics have not yet been measured and studied.Denver County iscontains a 100% urban population. This is both a strength and weakness to the city in terms of emergency evacuation. There are three critical facilities that exist in Denver County at specific venues with a capacity between 19K and 76K (City and County of Denver, 2011). Denver County is centrally located between I-25 and I-70 which can be an opportunity for evacuation or a barrier regarding avenues for drug trafficking and other illegal activities. There is a high ratio of hit-and-run injuries and fatalities within De nver County. Colorado legislators have recently increased potential prison sentences for hit-and-run cases resulting bodily injury and/or death. They have also formalized an alert program to inform and involve the public as an attempt to help track down perpetrators.The formulation of a city-wide educational program focusing on the prevention of hit-and-run occurrences may be beneficial in reducing these numbers as well. It is important for the Denver Police Department to have quicker response times to both emergent and non-emergent calls. Hopefully with the addition of new recruits for the force who are currently in training, Denver County will see quicker response time to all calls made. This will also hopefully decrease the amount of gang-related crimes and deter community activity in general. It is evident that Denver County has a large trash and litter problem.The initiation of more trash cans and recycle containers parallel with city-wide education would be beneficial in decre asing this problem. It would also be of benefit to the community and the court systems to enact a community service program that revolved around helping clean up the neighborhoods and streets. Denver County has good disaster and emergency preparedness plans within the community however educational resources to the public need to be explored with a variety of different materials and other languages for maximum effectiveness. The primary educational method is by internet with most of the materials written in the English language only. Nearly 1/3 of all households in Denver County speak a language other than English.ReferencesCity and County of Denver. (2011, Oct). Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. 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