Friday, August 23, 2019

Debate on Relativism and the Absolute Truth Research Paper - 1

Debate on Relativism and the Absolute Truth - Research Paper Example This discussion stresses that many people, across various cultures, in the world have various notions about what they perceive to be true. On one hand, fundamental theologians advocate for the absolute truth. On the second side, the proponent of neo-modern ethics tends to question the traditional version about truth. Theologians and other theorists have taken the trouble of analyzing relativism with respect to the religious teachings. The puzzle emanates from the convictions built by a given society against certain morals. For instance, the scientific theories and the religious teaching about the existence of God do leads to many questions. A person may take a wild imagination about the existence of God, leading to a theory about the same. The consequence of such action would be emergence of a given theory. This paper makes a conclusion that one cannot preach the gospel while arguing on a middle ground. This view tends to suggest that a Christian teaching or a given notion belong to one of the two sides: absolute truth or wrong. For example, when a person falls in water, it is evident that the person would be wet. This outcome does not give any room for meddling between the person coming out of water when dry and the person coming out of water when wet. The revelation of the above action enables us to argue that absolute truth exists. While this appears to be so, many people tend argue or stagger when issues regarding Christianity are mentioned. For instance, how much truth should a Christian accept in relation to certain principle in Christianity.

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