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Early years in the uk context Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

Early years in the uk context - Essay Example This England framework is goal based and outlines large number of goals, which children should achieve in their early education. In this essay, there is an outline of comparison of England and Scotland framework of early education. This comparison gives different aspects on various themes. For instance, the education approach of early childhood in England focuses on the individual child- centered approach. On the other hand, in England all children in a class should adhere to uniform approach. In order to make a comparison between the two curriculum policies one needs to consider the aspect of flexibility. This flexibility includes teacher’s interpretation of the framework and guidelines, which appears to be the identifiable difference between these two curriculum policies. In Scotland, the mode of early year’s education, which applies, is 0-8 program while National curriculum is the mode, which applies in England, North Ireland, and Wales. There are some similarities b etween the process of National Curriculum guidance of England and Scotland. In both nations, curriculum activities follow a subject-oriented system (CLARK, 2012:14). In England, educational syllabuses followed decisions from isolated educational working groups, which include everything covering all curricular activities. Contrastingly, in Scotland each review group gave out its ideal decisions in which some were complex map of primary education. Another similarity between the two aspects of early years curriculum is how the isolated working groups were confident, had tight timetables, and fast introduction to pre-schools. Apart from these similarities, the England National Curriculum has been more effective and has more central development than Scotland 0-8 curriculum. A great difference has been due to political influence in England arising from involvement of government in Curriculum policy. However, due to lack of good approaches to National Curriculum assessment in the year 1988 through 1993 led to the establishment of slimmed down curriculum in the year 1995. During this time, the England National Curriculum differed fro Scotland (0-8) assessment program. This was due to the separation primary and secondary stages. There was first and second stage of the 0-8 Scotland Curriculum Assessment program (DELORENZI & ROBINSON, 2005:41). Stage 1and 2 involves five to seven years and seven to eleven years for primary schools and major stages 3 and 4, which involves eleven years to fourteen years and fourteen years to sixteen years for secondary schools. This Scottish form of 0-8 Curriculum and Assessment Program covers a longer time span compared to the England policy of early year’s curriculum. Another difference occurs when comparing the curriculum coverage at each stage of education. The Scotland 0-8 Curriculum and Assessment programme covers all the required concepts of curriculum with the exception of a core curriculum. On the other hand, the England Na tional Curriculum concentrates on subjects such as mathematics, English, and Science as the key subjects. Subjects like technology, history, art, music, geography, and PE are the foundation subjects at first and second stage with an addition of a National language as foundation subject at the third stage. The nature of early years study program of the two systems is of a fussy interest. In En gland, teachers and education officers

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