Thursday, August 8, 2019

Merger,Acquisition,and International Strageties Assignment

Merger,Acquisition,and International Strageties - Assignment Example It has been clarified that the merger of the two companies was enhanced by the fact that AMR corporation had previously encountered numerous loses. Therefore, it was within the best interest to file a case to declare the status of bankruptcy. Therefore, the engagement into a merger concept was seen as one of the best ways that would restore the organizational, financial status back to normalcy. Initially, American airways were recognized as one of the lucrative companies in the airline industry with up to 3100 flights departing from the United States and other different parts of the world on a daily basis. An airline company with integrated customer’s carriers employed over 32,000 aviation personnel. Having played an active role in human rights network, the organization was rewarded 100 percent by the human right corporation because of the quality index and campaign for the transgender employees. By the beginning of 2012, the airline corporation started feeling the effect of financial turbulence. As such, it was declared bankrupt by the united stain the department of justice to forge ahead for the merger by the United States airways and form American Airline Inc (Bryer & Simensky, 2002). It was considered a vital step towards reviving the organizational level of competitiveness. Therefore, AMR Corporation applied to Dallas/Fort worth court and requested for bankrupt cy approval permitting merger to a United States airways group. At first the application was not very successful, but after court judge Sean Lane intervened the procedure was allowed to continue. Although the two American airline companies were given go ahead to form a merger, coming up with a single certificate took some time while the newly formed organization had already started enjoying numerous benefits. For instance, the merger was perceived to as a wise decision because it has created an open way

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